Kingston Springs church of Christ
A Brief History of the Kingston Springs church of Christ

A Brief History of the Kingston Springs church of Christ

The following is taken in part from an article in the Ashland City Times written by Dorris Wilson and dated Wednesday, May 5, 1976, page 3, and in part from a history of the Pegram church of Christ by Ed Sears, undated.

After the Civil War, a congregation formed along Dog Creek in Cheatham County. It is unclear whether this group called itself a Christian church or a church of Christ. During the late 1890's,  this congregation became very active. Around this time, a series of meetings were held in Kingston Springs under a brush arbor set up on the same property where the KS church building  is now located. Some Christians from the Pegram community - including perhaps some of the Dog Creek members - attended and supported these services. The Kingston Springs congregation appears to have been formed from these assemblies.

Plans for a permanent building were made one afternoon during a "business meeting" under this arbor. Construction of the original building was completed in October of 1904. The original building was a two-story wood frame structure painted white. Bible classrooms were upstairs, and the auditorium was on the first floor. The floor of the auditorium sloped gently downward from the rear to the front, and pews were arranged so that everyone had a good view of the pulpit.

The first worship service in the original building was on October 17, 1904 with the following members present:  W. Liles, G.C. Groves and wife, Mrs. J.A. Holt, F.G. Dunn, M.L. Martin, Mrs. Nettie Webb, A. A. Beasley, Tinny Mathis, W.S. Beasley, J. H. Mays, L.A. Holt, Rosa Mitchell, Matty Eby, Lucy Eby, E.G. Sears, W.G. Martin, J.C. Eby, and Charlie Hall Judd.

In 1958, this original frame building was torn down and the present brick building was contructed. The first worship service in the new building was held on March 25, 1958. Ed Harrell preached. The present building was renovated in 1998. The front porch and lobby were added. The congregation met in the old Kingston Springs school while the addition was under construction. The first service after renovation was held on March 29, 1998.

The first preacher was J.W. Grant. Regular ministers through the years have been Billy Ashworth, Shawn Bain, Charles Colllins, Kenneth Emabinet, V.R. Gatley, Ed Harrell, George Hickey, Harold Howard, Daniel King, Glen McDonald, Joe McGaw, J.T. Overton, Dorris Rader, Harold Richie, Marc Shotts, Steve Walker, and Jim Woodruff.

Charlie Hall Judd was the first treasurer. His wife, Alma Dillingham Judd, regularly prepared communion for the congregation and was known for her hospitality to visitors.

Those who have preached in Gospel meetings have been: J.W. Gant, W.J. Collum, E.H. Hall, F.F. Dearing, John Poe, W.R. Hassell, J.T. Harris, J.S. Ward, E.V. Gregory, S.P. Pitman, J.P. Sanders, Harry Pickup Sr., H.E. Phillips, James Cope, C.W. McMillan, Earl Woods, Grover Stevens, David Claypool, Robert Jackson, Harry Pickup Jr., Tommy McClure, Houston Dowde, Paul Hutcheson, Eugene Britnell and Joel Plunlett.

Names of Elders and deacons who have served the church through the years are: W.S. Beasley, Marvin Crouch, J.C. Eby, Charlie Hall Judd, Sr., Daniel King, J.H. Mays, W.F. Ma ys, L. Groves, J.W. Webb, J.W. Hannah, Henry Patterson Jr., Gary Petty, Absalom Rose, Leonard Gartner, Thomas Moss, W.C. Todd, W. Alton Mays, David C. Young, Joe Dillingham, Dr. W.J. Moore and Robert A. Wells.



Kingston Springs church meeting house in 1989 [built 1958]